5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home Exterior and Start Spring Fresh

Winter is the time when we all just move from warm interior to warm interior. Most of us hardly take a look at what is going on outside our homes. When spring comes, it is the best time to start paying attention and cleaning up the outside of your house. It will be fun and enjoyable to be outside in mild temperatures while doing some basic cleaning up and repairs.

Do a visual roof inspection – Roof repairs is not something that should be taken on by just anyone. You can do an inspection to see if there are any loose shingles, tiles, or other parts that show possible damage. If you feel that repairs are needed, phone the professionals with the safety equipment.

Trim overgrowth – Overgrowth can also be dangerous if left unattended. Not only can it lead to added moisture or raccoons and squirrels nesting in the roof or attic, but it also presents a fall danger if it becomes heavy to one side. Spring is a great time to do trimming as you can still see the individual bare branches.

Inspect and clean foundation vents – Houses that have basements or crawl spaces tend to have foundation windows for ventilation. These vents are places where leaves, mud, and other debris can get caught very quickly. If they become damaged, it could be the way in for rodents and other pests. Clean out and repair these vents to make sure that no unwanted visitors can enter.

Clean the gutters – This is a very important job as it ensures that you don’t get stagnant water which can breed unwanted insects and diseases. It can also cause damage to your roof. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you can prevent damage and ensure the integrity of your home.

Spruce up the paint – It is important to scrape and redo paint where it is peeling or exposing wood. Exposed wood can rot quickly and cause a lot of problems. Use a pressure hose to clean off the outside of your house. This will show where a new layer of paint is needed to protect the surface and look good again.

These simple tasks shouldn’t take too long and will give you some much-needed time outdoors.

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